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Process Intensification is making a process either chemical or non-chemical highly efficient by featuring process miniaturization, safety and cost effectiveness to that process. Process Intensification can be achieved by reducing the size of equipment, time for production, costs involved with the production and risk and hazards associated with the process. Many unit operations in chemical industry like mixing, heat transfer, reaction, distillation are being intensified by developing new units or methodologies for specific operations.

Flow Chemistry is carrying out a chemical process in continuous way. It provides multiple advantages to a process such as integrated operating conditions, precise parameter control, easier automation, safety and intensified heat and mass transfer, etc. With the use of microchannel technology and flow chemistry, many unit operations can be easily intensified.

At FlowRHEX®, we are dedicated to implement intensification for different unit operations, with the aim of developing end to end intensified processes. Currently, we have received government grant for development of Intensified Distillation Unit. Simultaneously we are working on developing Intensified Crystallization based solution.

Providing Process Intensified Solutions to make Conventional Chemical Production routes Greener, Safer, Smaller, Faster and Cost-Effective!

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